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Halsway Manor

Useful links

Here is a list of links that will be periodically updated. All the websites on the list relate to individuals who have been instrumental in helping me with the project so far, or organisations that I think could be of interest to anyone visiting this website.

Firework Art

Cakes and Ale Press

Doc Rowe

The Museum of Witchcraft

English Folk Dance and Song Society

Claire Curtis

Handsome Folk Costume Design

The Morris Ring

Morris Teams Directory

Cambridge & Country Folk Museum

Folk Play Research

The Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival

Hastings Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

Apotropaios - Former home of Folk Magic in Britain

South East Folk Arts Network

The Guild of Straw Craftsmen

The Dingle Peninsula

Island Ireland

Well Dressing

Old Town including Tin House Workwear Favourites

Hunters Moon Morris

England In Particular

The Company of the Greenman

The Folklore Society