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Woodcut Donation

We would very much like to thank Jeffrey Knopf for his kind donation of a complete set of his folklore inspired woodcuts. The museum is always happy to review artworks submitted to the museum and will accept them as long as they fall within our collections policy and are of a high professional standard.

Jeffrey has this to say about the work.

'My collection of prints based on British Folk dance traditions and pageantry first came about as a germ of an idea. As a child in the 70's I remember going shopping at weekends with my parents. My biggest memories are of being in Stockport town centre and the sound of jingling bells and clacking of sticks followed by the visuals of the Morris dancers all in white with ribbons, dancing and pirouetting in many forms. I was mesmerised and my natural response was to want to join in.
Move on 34years and after seeing a Morris troop in Altrincham town centre my interest in British folk customs is renewed and so research began and it was amazing the more I scratched the surface, the more I found out and so I decided to commit some of these ideas to wood and created this collection of woodcut prints.
I was originally going to make them in to a book but I ran out of time as I was emigrating to Switzerland. The funny thing is that Switzerland has just as much folk history, including lots of masking and even Hobby Horses.
It was always my intention to donate this collection of prints to the museum of British Folklore because I thought it would be the perfect collection for them to go into especially as they are doing such a great job of making more people aware of the vast history of folk culture and folk traditions that are in Britain and have been overlooked for such a long time.'