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White Horses and Unquiet Graves - an exhibition by Jonny Hannah

The weekend of the 18th & 19th June saw the museum caravan pay a visit to Newby Hall in North Yorkshire. An invitation was sent from Daniel Hornsey, who runs the Hornseys Art Gallery in Ripon, for the caravan to visit nearby Newby Hall and to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition. Many months ago he suggested to Jonny Hannah that a series of works could be produced with the proceeds of one of the print runs going to help the museum. Jonny gladly accepted and produced a truly magical array of pieces which drew inspiration from many of the UK's customs and annual traditions.

The museum was able to purchase several pieces for its collection including a wonderful representation of the South Queensferry Burry Man, amongst others. The museum would very much like to thank both Jonny and Daniel for the huge amount of support they gave.