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On Friday 21st August, I boarded a train for Whitby. We were unable to take the caravan sadly as the festival organisers decided that, 'many
 aspects of British folklore are already being covered'. It was certainly a shame that the visitors to the festival didn't get to see the project but luckily for me, Doc Rowe invited me to give a talk, along with himself, at the Whitby Museum to explain the aims of the project and to show the Britannica film. In the evenings it was great to see and hear so many familiar bands and performers. Sunday afternoon was spent having tea at the marvellous La Rosa Hotel with Doc & Jill, Sam Lee and Joan Crump.
 In the early evening before I left, I was whisked off by Joan Crump to sample some Chocolate Martini's she had discovered. The journey home was a blur.....