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The Run Up To The Tour

Six days until the launch. Apologies for not updating news this week but I've been flat out with work and trying to get everything ready for Thursday evening. I decided to buy a car to tow the caravan rather than hire one each time I go on tour. After doing the maths, it was cheaper to purchase a vehicle and then sell it again after the tour, than to keep hiring a car and have to continuously buy new number plates for the caravan etc. So I now have a car even though I can't actually drive..... I know, it's madness. Several people have looked at me askance when they find out I'm planning to tour the UK towing a caravan but that I'm incapable of driving. I was never going to let a little thing like that stop me. Kind hearted friends have stepped in yet again but I'm still short of a few drivers so if you fancy visiting some far flung Folk Festivals, do get in touch.

This week the lighting was installed inside the caravan which has made a huge difference, progress was made with the roof, which will have a mini Maypole perched atop, the painting is growing in richness and I made a start on the painting of the cabinets. Mark Hubbard from Scena has been over-seeing the entire project and has kindly found a spare tire, fitted gas bottles, and made sure the caravan is road worthy. My dear friend Rupert Thomas, kindly donated fabrics from the World of Interiors and these are in the process of being made into bunting and the caravan awning.


Tickets are moving for the launch and donations for the Tombola have been coming in. So far Hermes, Harvey Nichols, Alexander McQueen and Nokia, have all sent gifts. My friend Christopher Brown has also pledged a print. I received the most fantastic menu suggestions from the Cellar Society, who are providing the food and drinks for the evening. Purple, the PR company have been going full steam ahead to contact the press and sell tickets. Jonny Hannah is producing a limited edition poster for the tour which will be sold on the evening. I had my fitting at Stephen Jones's studio for the tour hat, which will look quite amazing. Gareth Pugh has been sending fabric samples to choose from for the coat he is designing. Ruth Hogben was in the midst of editing the film when she was struck down with an appendicitis and rushed into hospital. Thankfully she is well on the way to recovery and has been going though some of the wonderful Doc Rowe footage for the film. Everybody is working so hard to make this part of the project a success and I am eternally grateful.