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The Happy Museum

In addition to the Abbots Hall restoration, Tony Butler has also been developing the 'Happy Museum' project, which was launched at the October Gallery, London on 29th April and kindly invited MoBF to attend on the night to find out more. Talks were given by Charles Seaford – Head of the Centre for Wellbeing, New Economics Foundation; Tim Lang – Professor of Food Policy, City University and Tony Butler, to explain how museums can contribute to well-being and play an active part in building sustainable communities. Guests also had the opportunity to get 'hands-on': breadstick making with the lovely people from Leith's cookery school.


The 'Happy Museum' project is very timely, with everyone from the Audit Commission to movements such as Action for Happiness thinking about how to be happy in various ways, such as focusing on less consumer-driven activities and becoming more connected to locality and community. The Museum of British Folklore is watching the progress of the project with interest, and would like to implement the recommendations outlined in the Happy Museum paper when we find our permanent home. We wish Tony and the team all the best with this innovative venture. For more information click here to visit the Happy Museum website.