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The Cambridge County Folk Museum

A trip was made to visit the wonderful Cambridge Folk Museum. In what was for 300 years the White Horse Inn, this wonderful 17th century timber-framed building, houses a beguiling collection which relates to the local social life of Cambridgeshire. Set up in 1936 by members of the town and university, the collection was augmented and developed by Enid Porter, who was the museums curator from 1947 to 1976. Her special interest was in the folklore of the area and she collected and recorded the beliefs and customs of local people which she put together in a book, Cambridgeshire Customs & Folklore. There are many fascinating objects, prints, painting, toys and pieces of furniture to be found within the museum and a healthy range of events and learning opportunities to be had.
The MoBF would very much like to thank Sarah Baylis and the staff of the museum for allowing us to spend time with them.
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