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Tate Modern House of Fairy Tales

Over the four days of the Bank Holiday long weekend, the caravan was parked outside Tate Modern as part of the House of Fairy Tales project, set up by artists Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis. Their idea is to promote creative education amongst other things and the Museum of British Folklore was very happy to have been asked to join in.


Over 60,000 people were expected and with the weather being so wonderful it felt like there were more. Poor Roberta's suspension took quite a battering as hordes of people queued up to see what she had to offer. I had a thousand calling cards and a thousand postcards with information printed on them and they all went in the first day. It was very heartening to hear the response people had to the project and almost everybody asked the same question, 'Why is it we don't have a centre which celebrates and researches our Folklore?'. To everyone who offered help and have since contacted me via this website, I send my thanks and will certainly take you all up on it! I was also very pleased to be able to sport the finished Gareth Pugh coat which is stunning and added a much needed element of glamour to my greeting people outside the caravan in the sunshine. Next stop Weymouth on the 5th, 6th and 7th June.