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Sidmouth and Broadstairs

The latest outing was a double festival visit, first to Sidmouth Folk Week and then onto Broadstairs Folk Week. The clouds were gathering when we left a sunny Lyme Regis and by the time we reached Sidmouth it was cold, windy and raining unfortunately. The caravan was to be sited in an area called the Hub. The well organised ground staff kindly gave us a hand to manoeuvre her into position onto the grass next to the main concert tent. We were only there for three days but a fair amount of visitors came by including Steve Knightley of Show of Hands fame and several of the Spooky Men's Chorale group, all of whom were performing at the festival. As usual I met up with Sam Lee, who I have been meeting at most of the festivals I've visited. It was a delight to have so many Morris sides offer to decorate one of the figures for the Museum's collection.


One the evening of the 4th Aug, I took part in a talk along with Doc Rowe and we were able to show the Britannica film. There was a lively question and answer session afterwards and many interesting points were raised. The level of support was great though and many people came to visit the caravan the next day to understand more about the project.


The next morning my brother Anthony and I set off for Broadstairs via Arundel. I had wanted to visit Arundel having heard so much about it from friends and it sounded as if it might be a possible venue for the museum. I was totally charmed by the town and noticed that the old Arundel Museum building was up for sale... I have since been to visit the building and have been in touch with the council who were as supportive as they could be at this early stage. At a little over 5000sq ft it is probably too small for my project but there's no reason that there couldn't be an annexe somewhere nearby. Watch this space.....

The next day we arrived in a very sunny Broadstairs. We were parked up in a secure part of the festival next to all the craft stalls so there were a lot of visitors from the moment we opened. There being more children, the wonderful dead cat, on loan from the Museum of Witchcraft, came in for a lot of attention.


It was great to see many friends from Hastings there and Mad Jacks Morris came and performed outside Roberta at one point. In the evening we were invited to join in the torch-lit procession which I did with my brother and friend Graham Ward.