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Shepley Spring Festival

On Friday last week my Brother, Anthony and I set off to visit the Shepley Spring Festival with Roberta (the caravan) in tow. It was quite a long drive up to West Yorkshire from London and we arrived around 6 o'clock to set up. The festival is one of the smaller ones, but had an interesting line-up of performers and my thanks go to Keith and Nikki for allowing me to come along. Over the weekend the weather sadly went from windy with light showers and a spot of sunshine, to torrential rain and blowing a gale. Never the less, many people came along and to my delight, those who were most interested in the museum project were the local Police, with whom I had many long chats with and they were really supportive. It was also very good to see my friends Doc Rowe and Jill there too. Doc gave his 'Blood, Booze and Bedlam', talk on the Sunday which was fascinating. One scary moment occurred on the motorway on the way home, a tyre on Roberta blew out with a loud bang. Luckily my Brother was on hand to change the tyre as I stood there being a bit useless, taking notes should it ever happen again. Trip 3 will be to Tate Modern, London for the 22nd - 25th May.