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Port Eliot Literary Festival

Some time ago I was invited by Catherine St Germans to attend the Port Eliot Literary Festival. My friend Michael Howells had kindly sent her some images from the launch event back in April. The festival fell on the 24th - 26th July and is described as 'the summer's most original, inspirational and downright decadent garden party'. It was all of that and much more. We decided to drive to Cornwall in one day and arrived in the late afternoon of the 24th. Roberta was pitched in a very nice spot right outside the house.


I had given a sign design to Luca Crest, who had overseen the painting of the caravan, and this stopped people always asking if it was free to visit. Drinks were being served in the stunning Round Room, adorned as it is with the wildly fantastical wall paintings of Robert Lenkiewicz. It was so nice to see so many friends there and also catch up with many people over the weekend who I hadn't seen for years. Roberta was pleased to welcome a wide range of visitors and entertained many esteemed guests during the festival. Writers, journalists, editors, musicians and comedians all paid a visit. Michael Eavis, the founder of the Glastonbury festival came by too.

Sam Lee, Simon Costin, Michael Eavis

I was given the chance to try my hand as a radio presenter on the Sunday, even though it was to a practically empty field in the pouring rain! In between playing some of my favourite folk music I had the pleasure of interviewing the author Kit Berry, who I had met in Weymouth. She had spent the weekend in a golden haze as the Corn Mother, adorned with wonderful corn dollies especially made by Gillian Nott of the Guild of Straw Craftsmen. I finally got to meet Gillian too and was able to thank her in person for all the help she has given since starting the project. It was a fantastic weekend and many offers of support were given which was very encouraging. There was talk at the end of it, of the possibility of a temporary exhibition in one of the Gate Houses so I will write an update once I know more.