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Museum of Witchcraft and Magic renovations

2015 marks the start of some subtle renovation work at the MWM. Since taking over the ownership of the museum's collection and archive, work has been undertaken to pinpoint areas within the museum, which would be helped by some reinterpretation and renovation. To begin with it was decided to expand the name of the museum to include the word, Magic. The museum's collection looks at various magical practises which are not necessarily related to witchcraft specifically, so it was felt that to encompass this, we should expand on the title. Cecil Williamson, the founder of the museum, also used this title for the museum at one stage of its evolution. Along with the name change goes an evaluation of the website. Currently, there are several different operating platforms and the accessibility of the site can be a little slow due to this. It was decided to completely revamp the site to bring it more up to date and easy to use. We were lucky to be able to enlist the aid of Grant Parker, a graphic designer with Saatchi & Saatchi, who very kindly gave his time in kind and designed a new logo, using thirteen twigs from plants or trees with magical associations. Of course having a new logo means that we also need to have a new guide book and leaflets as well as packaging labels. We have been very busy!