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Morris Folk Update

We wanted to share two new figures which arrived as part of our ongoing project to record the wide and varied Morris scene in the UK. Click here. First to arrive was the Hannah's Cat Morris figure. Based in Hastings and formed in 2003, the team is a women's side currently dancing Cotswold traditions, Bampton, Bidford and Wheatley. The figure was dressed by Joyce Leech who is 83 years old. Along with the team came a comprehensive history of the team, the dances and a disk of images, which are all very useful for our archive. Next up is the evocatively named, Flagcrackers of Craven. Formed in 1988 in Skipton, North Yorkshire.A family side who dance in the Boarder style. The figure was dressed by Barbara Bentley with some help from Glynnis Cruice. The name arises from, 'the idea that our clogs might crack the pavement (flagstones) when we dance'.

We very much look forward to seeing the other hundreds of figures as they arrive.



Hannah's Cat Morris


Joyce Leech



Flagcrackers of Craven