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Mini Exhibition at Port Eliot

On Saturday 3rd April the first of the Museum of British Folklore's mini exhibitions opened. The owners of Port Eliot, Lord and Lady St Germans kindly loaned the space in one of the Gatehouses for the summer period while the main house is open to the public and also for the Port Eliot Festival period. On the ground floor the exhibition looks at the Padstow May Day tradition and features a replica of the current Old Oss mask which is flanked by fabric designed by Mark Herald and sponsored by St Jude's Gallery. Visitors can dip beneath the skirt of the Oss and read about the festival as well as view archive images collected and shot by the archivist Doc Rowe.

There is also a small display of Corn Dollies which are specific to Cornwall which were made especially by Gillian Nott of the Guild of Straw Craftsmen and the museums thanks go to her for her continued support.


The upstairs space has cabinets looking at curious remedies and cures, such as wearing the key of a church around the neck whilst sleeping to cure heartache. The legend of Dando, the dissolute 14th-century priest of St Germans, who is said to haunt the area, is told with an engaging film piece by Tom O'Reilly. Lastly, a fairy bower is displayed with a piece about the Cornish Piskies.

For more information please click here to visit the Port Eliot website.