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The museum has recently teamed up with a leading London fundraising company, in order to move the project on to the next level.

 A few weeks ago a workshop took place in London with the following aims;

Strategy and messaging
What is distinctive about the Museum and what is its role in the cultural landscape? 
Where does it fit in? What makes it special?


What is the experience we want visitors to the Museum to take away with them? 
What do we want to deliver to them?

Delivery and Business model

How could that experience best be delivered? 
Is it physical, virtual, regional, local, national, global?
What would be the business model needed to make that happen?


Where do we want the Museum to be in six months, a year, five years time?

The meeting was incredibly rewarding and much came out of it that was useful. A report is now being drafted which will then go on to be implemented. Over the next 12 months the museum will mount a whole raft of regional exhibitions across the UK. Funding will be sought to produce them and cover the production costs. The first will be shown as part of the The Royal National Mòd in Caithness, Scotland from 8th to 16th Oct 2010. As well as the regional shows the museum is involved with an exhibition being mounted at Compton Verney in 2011.
 News of which will be posted in due course.