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Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain exhibition in Hexham

This weekend saw the opening of the Folklore, Myth's and Legends of Britain exhibition in Hexham, Northumberland. The museum commissioned eight artists to create work in response to various aspects of the UK's rich folkloric history.

Tamsin Abbott looked at the tale of Tamlin and his rescue from the fairy realm as well as the Green Man, Waylands Smithy and Herne the Hunter.

Rose de Borman examined the rites and rituals surrounding death and mourning from telling the Bee's first of a death in the family to the contemporary practise of ghost bikes.

Clare Curtis Looked at the Green Man, Hares and the tale of Edmund and the Wolf.

Hannah Firmin wove images from various folk tales from Mermaids to the Far Travelled Fiddler.

Jonny Hannah chose to illustrate some traditional folk songs, among them The Unquiet Grave and Oh My Donald.

Mark Hearld showed prints taken from paper-cuts and a lively linocut of a Cockerel.

Yasemen Hussein created an enormous pair of antlers for Herne the Hunter out of copper.

Finally David Owen made a series of prints based on the Hand of Glory.

All works are for sale except those few owned by the museum. Any interested parties should contact the museum for a price list and details of how to contact the Queens Hall, Hexham.