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Fitting Out The Caravan

I thought I should mention how the interior is going. Peter Hanson is in charge of fitting out the inside with cabinets. I have gathered almost all the objects to be displayed over the last six months so know all the sizes etc. Some things are from my personal collection while others are on loan.

Some weeks ago I paid a visit, along with Marti Dean, the museum's secretary, to our friend's, Graham King and Kerriann who live in Boscastle. Graham is the director of the Museum of Witchcraft which has been located in Boscastle since 1960. It houses the largest collection of Witchcraft related artefacts in the world and is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the subject.


I first met Graham at the time of the horendous floods in 2004 and was able to help out in a small way. Over the years I have visited the museum and been able to use the wonderful library there. When I was explaining to Graham about the tour, he mentioned that I might be able to have some pieces from the collection on loan for the six months I would be touring. I have been extremely lucky to have garnered a selection of items for the Witchcraft and Superstition display. As for what they are, you will just have to come and visit the caravan.

Luca and Anna also made a start on the lettering today. Luca has made the most lovely paper mache model of the caravan to work from.