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A Visit to Driffield

On the weekend of the 13th & 14th the museum director paid a visit to Driffield to spend some time with Elaine and Georgia Stone. Regular visitors to this website may remember the news entry from September 9th last year which mentioned that Trevor Stone, Elaine's husband, had sadly passed away leaving his entire achieve to the museum. Consisting of a huge amount of filmed material on various formats, dating back to the late 70's as well as many slides and photographs, the archive is a rich source of material pertaining to Longsword Dancing and the many people that Trevor had come across who were involved with it. Part of the collection consists of many Standard and Super 8 films which were given to Trevor by Kathleen Mitchell and are of great interest. The museum plans to apply for funding to digitise the collection and also to develop this website so that clips may be viewed online. Here are a selection of images from the collection. The director would very much like to thank both Elaine and Georgia for their very kind hospitality during the weekend.

driffield_01.jpgTrevor Stone 1979

driffield_02.jpgSome of Trevor's original drawings for his book Rattle Up, My Boys.

driffield_03.jpgSome of Trevor's original drawings for his book Rattle Up, My Boys.

driffield_04.jpgGoathland Plough Stots, Station Hotel, Erosmont circa 1926

driffield_05.jpgGoathland Plough Stots circa 1926