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The Caravan Arrives

Last summer I had a very interesting meeting with Hilary Williams, the head Curator of the Ditchling Museum. During our talk, she suggested that I would need to publicise the museum project and that one way of doing it might be to buy a suitable caravan and then tour the country with a mini museum. After some thought I began to search and came across a delightful 1976 Castleton Roberta Caravan on Ebay. I imagined that being over thirty years old it would be in quite a state of disrepair inside and so I wouldn't feel too bad about remaking the interior with display cases. The night of the auction I was poised with steady fingers waiting to trump any other bidders at the last minute. To my delight I was the only bidder and on the 12th Dec, Roberta was collected from a field in Suffolk and driven to Camberwell and placed under cover in the warehouse of the set construction company, Scena, who I have worked with for many years now.


Imagine my dismay when I opened the door to find the interior in immaculate condition. It was a time capsule and the phrase 'One careful owner', doesn't begin to describe it. There was not a chip nor scratch to be found anywhere. With a heavy heart I mapped out what would need to be removed and what could stay. As it happens quite a lot of the fittings will be staying. If I'm to tour the UK for over six months, the kitchen area is a must. The wardrobe will have the door removed and shelves placed inside and the same for the loo area.

Today, the 6th April 2009, Luca Crest and I began to transform the exterior. I have based the designs on various fairground styles but rather than have the bold, graphic look that most fairground art employs, I've imagined it to have been printed and then enlarged, something like an etching or screenprint.

Each day this week I will take pictures and post them to show it's development.