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To promote, celebrate and revitalise the folk heritage of Britain.

To provide ways for individuals to discover, understand and explore their own, and others customs and traditions.

To encourage greater public involvement in the rich and continuing tradition of folklore as a vital component of the social fabric and cultural identity of the British Isles.

To be an innovative organisation, working within a network of collaborative partnerships across the country.


The Museum of British Folklore will do this through:

Engaging members of the public through exhibitions, workshops, lectures, pop-up shops and digital platforms.

Developing collaborative partnerships to deliver activities and promote folklore.

Sharing, interpreting and conserving its collection of folklore artefacts.

Creating and facilitating a range of inspirational educational opportunities for individuals of all ages.

Providing a platform to showcase and promote the work of folk artists of all genres.

Working to establish a permanent museum space for its collections and activities.

Encouraging its audiences to be active co-producers of content and direction.