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Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey Exhibition

The Museum of British Folklore MORRIS FOLK project

In 2013, Simon Costin, the Director of the Museum of British Folklore, had an idea to document the hundreds of morris sides currently active in Britain by replicating their distinctive costumes. He sent out a call to them via Morris Folk is a kind of 3D archive: a detailed copy of morris costumes made by the practitioners themselves.

To make the process easier and to allow the characteristics of the costumes to be highlighted, a plain cloth doll was commissioned. The doll has no features, allowing makers the freedom to embellish it as they see fit. Enabling contributors to have complete artistic expression ensures that the project is truly collaborative, with the resulting dolls being an accurate representation of their respective sides. The completed dolls have been made with amazing attention to detail: from the inclusion of human hair, to miniature buttons and accessories.

To date, the Museum of British Folklore now has over 273 completed dolls and they have been exhibited in London, Oxford, Sussex, Warwickshire and now, in Cambridgeshire.

If you are a morris side who would like to participate in the project, please email the Museum of British Folklore:, so that we can send a doll to you.


We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who is involved with Morris Folk: the morris sides themselves, without whom, the project would not be possible and to the Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey for hosting this exhibition.

For more information and to support the Museum of British Folklore, which aims to be the first museum to celebrate and conserve Britain’s seasonal customs, please visit:


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