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Collective Observations: Folklore and Photography from Benjamin Stone to Flickr, at the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne

Work has begun on the third of the MoBF's exhibitions, due to open in mid October this year at the Towner Gallery. The exhibition will aim to show the work of various individuals who have documented our seasonal traditions from the time when photography was in its infancy to the proliferation of images on websites such as Flickr.

'Despite the fact that Folklore resists being pinned down and ‘fixed’ - most folk activity has not traditionally been documented in a literary or tangible form by its participants - in its acting out of traditions which may be hundreds of years old, the practice is very much about fixing time (also inherent in the act of photographing). Herein lies the essential similarity between folklore and photography: despite existing in the ‘now’, both activities are an act of remembrance. On a more prosaic level, photographs act as a repository of these fleeting happenings and constitute an artifact of folklore in themselves'. (taken from the press release)

Details of the exhibition contents will be revealed over the coming months.


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